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When She’s Into you, but you aren’t that Into Her

A recent visitor to my blog enjoyed my post 10 Signs She’s Into you and suggested I write a post for advice for men who aren’t that into her I found it lovely that he was concerned with how to go about it in a sensitive way and I realise that a lot of men don’t know how to do it. Continue reading When She’s Into you, but you aren’t that Into Her

Wanna get out of the doghouse fast?

Apologise  This is probably the one thing men get wrong consistently. Most of you don’t even realise we are expecting an apology (If she looks angry, consider it a possibility) and those of you who do, wait too long to give it. Don’t drag it out by making excuses, nursing your pride and being stubborn, none of this will help you.

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kissing Tips

The first kiss is a make or break for women, we love to reminisce about our first kiss and it gives us our most important impression of you determining whether there is a chemical attraction. It can be one of our fondest memories or it can become an “incident”.

If you’re wise, you should be a little nervous about this one. The good news is, nerves will add to the experience and once it’s over and successful, that’s when the good stuff starts.

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10 Signs She’s In to You

So you’re really attracted to a woman but you don’t know if it’s mutual? I know it’s hard to tell whether you should approach or pursue but there are some clear signals she will send that can let you know that she’s in to you.

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How to be a Smooth Operator

There is a reason James Bond is so sexy, he isn’t sleazy, just cool. Every woman has their favorite 007, yes we do discuss it, mine is Pierce Brosnan for obvious reasons.

The goal here is for you to meet women successfully and look good doing it. You just need to prepare a little, nothing wrong with a plan and trust me, some guys need one. Preparation can give you confidence which is majorly attractive.

Here are my tips

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7 tips to appear Confident around Women

Confidence is a trait that women find attractive in men and quite often it’s the confident alpha male who will succeed in getting the girl. Believe me guys, not everyone is as confident as they look, but there are ways to look more confident than you feel.

Here are a 7 tips for appearing confident around women:

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