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I decided to write a blog for men because I’d like men to be able to understand women a little better. There is no doubt in my mind looking around that you are all, to different degrees, a little clueless about what makes us tick. Who better to help you see what a woman sees than, well, a woman?

Why would I embark on this impossible undertaking you ask?

Well I am in a relationship and I can tell you that life is harder, mostly for him, because he can’t interpret the female language sometimes. Most simple misunderstandings would be avoided if men had sound advice from a woman.

As if it weren’t hard enough already for my man, I’m an unapologetic, hopeless romantic. Thanks to being an avid reader of fantasy fiction (think lord of the rings) since age 10, heroes possessing the highest degree of character, charisma and chivalry have featured highly in my checklist for ‘The One”

He really doesn’t know the extent of my yearning because quite frankly no man like that exists. Consequently, I curb my behaviour to “normalish” expectations. He’s a gentleman (most of the time), and knows that certain things make me happy and when I’m happy so is he because I want to reciprocate. I will admit though, there are occasionally bumps in the road that clearly happen because he doesn’t understand my logic.

I hate to break it to you boys but every woman is a princess whether she acknowledges this or not. From the moment of conception we are softening the heart of a man, starting with our dads. There is a certain way a father looks upon his daughter that inspires in him feelings of sweetness, protection and a softer interaction than with a son.

Women love and admire their dads. In essence a father becomes the role model for a woman later in life when she is ready to choose a partner. Women will unconsciously or consciously choose a man who treats them as well as their dad did and if he was sweet and protective you can bet that is what she will look for, it will be her standard. So keeping this fundamental piece of information in mind how do you treat a woman special, how can you be romantic, how can you be more of a gentleman?

Understanding the way a woman thinks or how she feels, these are things I want to try to take you through. I hope I can help and please don’t hesitate to comment or ask anything.

2 thoughts on “About Lizzie”

  1. Yes! Women are different to say the least. Thank your for taking the time to teach and understand this mysterious creature. I am looking foreword to reading your post.


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