“Modern” men don’t shoot yourselves in the foot

I don’t care if we are living in the age of feminism and gender equality, we are not built like you. We can’t ignore or stamp down emotion, we will not feel and fail to express. We need to feel beautiful, wanted, secure and adored no matter how fast stereotypes are changing. Your sense of self will always come from another place and your needs are and always will be very different to our own.

We are more sensitive, not as and practical, hard to read, sexy and emotional, you are not meant to understand. We are different creature altogether and I don’t consider this a weaknesses. This is what a makes a woman. Women are the glue.

I will not apologise or morph into a man to feel validated and I will not turn an empathetic brain into a systemic brain to follow or make life easy for you. If you want a man, with the benefits of a woman, good luck with that but you won’t have it all.

Gentlemen who understand and appreciate the difference and know how to treat a lady like a lady…. winning.

9 thoughts on ““Modern” men don’t shoot yourselves in the foot”

  1. Hey Lizzie, not sure if you’re taking a break from the blog – hopefully it’s still active. I was recently nominated for the Leibster award. It involves nominating other blogs – and I’ve chosen yours as one of the ones I really enjoy. Kind of like a chain letter I suppose (which I don’t like), but the intent is to provide additional exposure, which I can support.

    You can find details at http://thezombieshuffle.com/2015/03/20/and-the-award-goes-to/. Whether you choose to do it or not is up to you.



  2. You’re right women are different than men, and that’s what makes them so smart, sexy and alluring. For me I’d take being empathetic over sympathetic any day. As one of the smartest women I know says, empathy is about being able to see another person’s perspective. You have to get out of YOUR perspective and see theirs. Empathy is also about not passing judgement. At our core aren’t we all on a quest to be understood? For me it’s more authentic to recognize that there are differences between men and women, while you make us crazy, you also drive us to do crazy things for you. If a woman tells you she wants you to slay a lion, you’d do it without thinking, of course once you actually see the lion, well that’s a different story 😀

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