Rise of the Cougar

We are in the age of the Cougar and I couldn’t be more chuffed, in fact I am one. I’m excited that women over 30 are looking fucking great and looking after themselves because when I was a kid a 30-40 year old mum was not hot.

Imagine my surprise 7 or so years ago when I broke up with my then partner and discovered the world of singledom for the first time since the age of 17. I have always been monogamous and have always had a steady boyfriend so suddenly being back, no scrap that, just being in the “available” category was a strange new experience at the age of 33.

I started going out with girlfriends and found out that thanks to some good Colombian genes, I look younger than I am (thanks mum), and the Cougar phenomenon, I was getting hit on a lot by younger men. The places I was frequenting were a nice mixture of ages so it wasn’t like I was the only 33 yr old in a room of young uns, but these were the only guys brave enough to approach.

Well young guys I really like you back. What is not to love?

  • You are in your sexual prime, we are in our sexual prime.
  • You are brave and brash, we are tired of men our age or older who stop making an effort.
  • Young men are sweet, eager and not set in their ways, older men in general are.
  • Young guys see an intelligent, sexy experienced woman, older men see a woman who is falling out of bloom.
  • Younger guys aren’t out there with expectations or stereotypes about gender, or age for that matter.

Hey I don’t make the rules but in general that’s the way it seems to work and if mature men have headed for younger pastures since oh… forever, then why the hell shouldn’t we? I did and I’m not sorry.

DISCLAIMER before all the fabulous mature men, women with fabulous mature men or people who get along just fine with their same age partner out there complain, this post is not about you.



6 thoughts on “Rise of the Cougar”

      1. keep it up. cougar-ing and blogging 🙂

        although I think if you’re less than 40 technically you’re a puma..haha


  1. I’ve never understood large age gaps, because I think that life experience is something that is hard to reconcile. But as you get older, what is considered a large age gap seems to shrink. At 20, a gap of 2-3 years was a lifetime. At 40, that’s nothing – but 10 years is still fairly significant.

    One slightly morbid note about age gaps – it makes a degree of sense if the woman is older. No one wants to think about being old, but statistically women life longer than men. In most relationships the man dies long before the woman. So if the woman is a bit older it can minimize that somewhat.

    And that’s my happy thought for friday 🙂


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