The “look”

Every woman knows the look that can be confused for no other

Unmistakable in a man’s face telling her she is his favorite, most adored human

In it she can see herself reflected in the windows to his heart.

That reflection is admiration, love, passion, surety. This is where he wants to be.

A delightful unexpected jolt , or born from a curious ember

Gifted briefly or enduring through the decades

The look is everything, encompassing all unspoken words and feelings

She recognises the instant it dies, she is no longer the reason for his smile

Left to suffer the pain of it’s banishment,                         Leaving only a memory tattooed on her soul


How will you look at your girl tonight?


Photo by Tinou Bao “The Look of Love” CC BY 2.0

9 thoughts on “The “look””

  1. The very same way I did the night we met, but with added history of beautiful memories. With that, it seems the “same way” has evolved. Perhaps that is why my outlook is different from others, because the way I see her each day, reminds her of the way I viewed her the first time

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    1. A common denominator in most relationships that fail is the loss of passiin and admiration for your partner, all it takes is staying aware that the other person needs it. Thanks for your comment I’m glad you see your wife as you first did.


    1. You’re pretty lucky if you have a picture of that look. Maybe you will see it on his face again and you won’t need a photo.I do believe people can learn from their mistakes,remember to give him a little hope.


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