The “Aha” moment

Many of us don’t realise that lots of problems between men and women are caused by the differences in which we communicate with each other.

Click on the table below and try to see if you have encountered any of these differences. The key here is to understand that since the differences are so great, maybe the way we interpret them is what causes the problems.

 Comparing the different methods of communication for men and women and what the usual outcome is, My “aha moment” was to realise that the result is my interpretation of my partner’s way of communicating and that I can change the way that I understand what he is saying or why. I can act accordingly if I keep in mind these differences.

Maybe your Girlfriend or wife isn’t actually saying what you think she is saying.

Click on the tablecommunication slide

what do you see?

8 thoughts on “The “Aha” moment”

  1. Great post. Communication is the foundation of a relationship, which like constructing a building or home, cannot survive without the existence of a foundation.

    When we believe our biological differences are nonexistent, which is the concept they are pushing these days, couples constantly butt heads. I am grateful we do not believe in this warped reality here. Lol. I understand I process things differently, and she understands that she process things differently. We help one another by assisting in the process of communication. We are not perfect, but we know with communication, we can limit issues from taking over the marriage. It is really interesting how we process things differently as male and female though. Very interesting

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    1. Thanks I’m glad you liked the post, I think it’s how we interpret the opposite sex that gets us into trouble or upset I for one was writing the post and could not believe what I was seeing and how accurate it was when I compared it to my own life! It is so interesting.


  2. Ha ha too funny. At first glance it would seem that they are total opposites. However seen another way they could be complimentary to each other. While men and women may have specific preferences in handling situations, it doesn’t mean that there preferred way is always the most effective means of handling things. In some cases we’ll need to act or react in a way that is not our norm, and this is where I believe the two are complimentary. I was having a discussion with a friend, and at the end his conclusion was that there were too many differences between men and women, and that they just can’t get along. I don’t agree with that, although we may generally drive each other crazy, there is more that connects us beyond our psychological differences. I don’t know what that answer is, but despite how weird I may think her thought process, I still have a deep desire to be with and surround myself with a woman. In the case where one partner is trying to be on a different part of a sliding scale if you will, the other partner if that is their norm, can help that other partner. So if a man is open to being more vulnerable, and express his emotions a bit more often, and a woman is looking to be a bit more guarded and less expressive. It could be mutually beneficial for the two to help each other. Well that’s my 2 cents anyway 🙂

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      1. I remember in Communication they thought us this model:
        Sender (let’s say me) -> Message (I encode it with a language you understand) -> Decoder (you use this so the message makes sense to you) -> Receiver (you)
        See where many people make the mistake is that they use THEIR language to send you a message in YOUR language. I guess it’s like speaking Dutch to someone who speaks Spanish. The message can be in either language, it just needs to be the same one.
        Lol sorry, that illustration made a lot more sense in my head 😔

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