Wanna get out of the doghouse fast?

Apologise  This is probably the one thing men get wrong consistently. Most of you don’t even realise we are expecting an apology (If she looks angry, consider it a possibility) and those of you who do, wait too long to give it. Don’t drag it out by making excuses, nursing your pride and being stubborn, none of this will help you.

I will always accept an apology unless you really did something awful, I don’t expect a grovel fest, although at times I would enjoy it, it’s not about that. It’s about you taking responsibility for your actions and acknowledging that your words or actions have hurt us.

Part of growing as a person is realising that an apology takes strength and is not a sign of weakness. You have to be bloody brave to apologise and I for one will respect you for it.

Here is how to give a good one: 

  • Wait until things have calmed down, then make  a cup of tea for both of you (a lovely gesture) and ask if you can talk.
  • Start off by acknowledging what you did and make sure that you get across the message that you have realised that you stuffed up and how.

An apology has no “buts”, or excuses take it like a man.

  • Now say the words ‘”I apologise” or “I’m sorry”.
  • This is the most important step, tell her that it will not happen again and make it so, otherwise it means nothing. Be a man of your word, be a Gentleman

This is all it takes, women are forgiving creatures and we just want to know that it won’t happen again or that you will do your best. We love you and are missing you too you know!

Do you agree or do you have a better way to get out of the doghouse fast? I’d love to hear about it.

I'd love to hear your thoughts

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