kissing Tips

The first kiss is a make or break for women, we love to reminisce about our first kiss and it gives us our most important impression of you determining whether there is a chemical attraction. It can be one of our fondest memories or it can become an “incident”.

If you’re wise, you should be a little nervous about this one. The good news is, nerves will add to the experience and once it’s over and successful, that’s when the good stuff starts.

Follow these tips:

Don’t be hasty, choosing when to make your move is a tricky thing, usually on the second date is ideal. This may seem a long time to wait for you but for her it’s so much better when she feels a little more comfortable. On the plus side, anticipation will have built making it better for both of you.

Kissing her during dinner or with the taste of food in your mouth is never good. Make sure you have good dental hygiene, brush your teeth and tongue before your date and invest in a packet of gum or some mints.

Do not under any circumstances ask her if you can kiss her! you might think that this will make the kiss fool-proof but it makes you look like you lack confidence, kills the romance, passion and spontaneity of the moment and you don’t want that.

Pick your moment, it could be after a compliment, a deep conversation, a funny comment or at the end of the night. Look in her eyes lean in closer slowly, be deliberate so that there is no mistake that this is the moment. Hopefully you will have picked up on cues that she likes you (see my post 10 signs she’s in to you) and she will have waited for it to happen.  Awkward, awful things happen when you spring a kiss on a woman unexpectedly.

The best kind of first kiss for a woman is a soft slow one. Tilt your head and begin with a slightly open mouth until she responds then introduce a bit of soft tongue. Women dislike a hard tongue so no poking in and out like a demented lizard and please, please, please get rid of excess saliva first! My first kiss consisted of a mouthful of saliva playing spin the bottle and I can tell you I will never forget that gross sensation and the poor boy will never forget my reaction. Keep your lips soft and sensual and don’t try to take over her whole mouth or face. Bonus points if you bring her in close, lightly touch her neck, face waist or hips.

A first kiss with a man is memorable for a woman. Correctly executed, it will keep her thinking and dreaming of you for days and will stay in her memory forever.

Have you had  or given a memorable kiss?

4 thoughts on “kissing Tips”

  1. I don’t know, if I don’t get any kiss on the first date? I’m thinking that person is not into me and possibly looking elsewhere. Eh who am I kidding, if I’m into them, *I* would make the first move. No one gets away that easy 😉


    1. hahaha good on you Joy, sometimes it works out to be the brave one! These are suggestions, some women don’t like to be snogged on the first date but I guess a peck on the lips would be a great compromise, not too full on but unmistakably he’s attracted on the plus side,you can always take the peck further!


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