When She’s Into you, but you aren’t that Into Her

A recent visitor to my blog enjoyed my post 10 Signs She’s Into you and suggested I write a post for advice for men who aren’t that into her I found it lovely that he was concerned with how to go about it in a sensitive way and I realise that a lot of men don’t know how to do it. Continue reading When She’s Into you, but you aren’t that Into Her

30 Things Women find Sexy About Men

  1. Your smile
  2. Your shoulders and back
  3. The little trail of hair that grows from your stomach down to your man wonderland
  4. Your eyes when you give us “the look”
  5. Your practicality
  6. Your ability to fix things
  7. Your voice
  8. When you whisper something sexy
  9. The feel of your hands
  10. When you kiss our foreheads
  11. When you kiss our hand
  12. When you lead us into a room
  13. When you introduce us proudly
  14. When you touch our hair lovingly or grab it lustfully
  15. When you put your hand on a wall, lean in and kiss us (sounds weird but it’s a classic hot guy move)
  16. Your hair when you just come out of the shower
  17. Stubble is sexy and so is a clean shave
  18. When you wear a suit
  19. When your shirt is slightly unbuttoned
  20. Yep, your butt we look at it…quite a bit!
  21. The smell of cologne on your skin
  22. When you’ve just put on your jeans and have no shirt
  23. When you hold our hand as you drive
  24. When you’ve just had a haircut
  25. When you are concentrating ( makes us want to distract you)
  26. When you kiss our neck or shoulder
  27. When you hug us from behind
  28. When you can’t handle one more second of foreplay
  29. When you grab our butt (yes we do, we all love it!)
  30. When you give us your last or first bite

What do you love?

Photo by Oleh Slobodeniuk “Couple” CC BY 2.0

Wanna get out of the doghouse fast?

Apologise  This is probably the one thing men get wrong consistently. Most of you don’t even realise we are expecting an apology (If she looks angry, consider it a possibility) and those of you who do, wait too long to give it. Don’t drag it out by making excuses, nursing your pride and being stubborn, none of this will help you.

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Guys, you’re cooking dinner tonight!

Invite her over for dinner, a dinner you cooked???

Now I do know that most guys are not that handy in the kitchen, through no fault of your own, “cooking” doesn’t feature heavily in “raising boys 101”.

I also realise there is not much on the market to teach men how to cook up simple and impressive meals. Just imagine yourself inviting over a hot date for dinner which you cooked yourself, oh yes boys, full brownie points to be had!

I’m going to give you a recipe and step-by step instructions (as if you had never stepped into a kitchen before, hence the long looking post) to make a fast and easy meal that looks like a chef made it but it was only little Ole you. It’s a Stir-fry and Rice, If you’ve had some cooking experience, you will breeze right through. Continue reading Guys, you’re cooking dinner tonight!

kissing Tips

The first kiss is a make or break for women, we love to reminisce about our first kiss and it gives us our most important impression of you determining whether there is a chemical attraction. It can be one of our fondest memories or it can become an “incident”.

If you’re wise, you should be a little nervous about this one. The good news is, nerves will add to the experience and once it’s over and successful, that’s when the good stuff starts.

Follow these tips: Continue reading kissing Tips