10 Signs She’s In to You

So you’re really attracted to a woman but you don’t know if it’s mutual? I know it’s hard to tell whether you should approach or pursue but there are some clear signals she will send that can let you know that she’s in to you.

1. You keep catching her eye, she holds the gaze that extra moment then looks away shyly or smiles at you.

2. She leans forward and touches your arm or thigh as often as she can while talking and her face is animated and interested.

3. You will suddenly become extremely funny as she will be laughing at every one of your jokes, this may be accompanied by some eyelash fluttering, eye twinkling and shy smiling.

4. Watch her hands she may playing with her hair, softly touching her neck, lips or thigh. These are erogenous zones. She also might stroke the rim of her glass or anything long (self-explanatory)

5. The head toss. You’ve all seen it, If not look out for it! If she’s gorgeous it will probably look like it’s happening in slow motion.

6. Notice her body posture. If her legs are crossed and her knee or foot are pointed towards you and her shoulders are facing you, it’s likely that you are the target of her interest.

7. You move into her personal space and she doesn’t move away. She might even move objects toward you like her glass or bag to close the distance between you.

8. If she mimics your body language e.g. leaning forward when you do, taking a sip of her drink when you do etc… it’s her way of saying “we are in sync, I admire you”

9. She will ask personal questions because she is interested in finding out about you.

10. She may tease you jokingly if only to see you adorably squirm, laugh or smile. My personal favorite.

How do you know if a girl is in to you?  leave  a comment below


Photo by Alyssa L. Miller “Flirting With Curtains” CC BY 2.0

4 thoughts on “10 Signs She’s In to You”

  1. As an asexual man, I enjoyed reading this list of signs that trouble might be brewing between me and somebody who could have been (or already is) a good friend and will likely drop all contact with me when I’m unresponsive. Perhaps you could write another blog post instructing men on what to do when we want to _dis_courage such interest from a woman without hurting her feelings, evoking retribution or damaging either current or prospective friendship.


    1. Well even an asexual man seems to need advice about women, good to know and great idea thanks, i think that blog would be great advice for men who care about a womans feelings, you are a gentleman sir and i will try to write that one soon.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. There’s a strong chance I’d reblog it and make some effort to promote it. I haven’t posted much about asexuality yet, but, with the death of AVEN, there is a brand new window of opportunity for the _practical_ education of asexuals, free of all political considerations. I look forward to reading that post.

        Liked by 1 person

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