How to be a Smooth Operator

There is a reason James Bond is so sexy, he isn’t sleazy, just cool. Every woman has their favorite 007, yes we do discuss it, mine is Pierce Brosnan for obvious reasons.

The goal here is for you to meet women successfully and look good doing it. You just need to prepare a little, nothing wrong with a plan and trust me, some guys need one. Preparation can give you confidence which is majorly attractive.

Here are my tips

It is advisable to look at a woman as you would a hot car or motorcycle she’s sexy, awe-inspiring and demands respect and admiration. Do not look at her like you want to devour her, it’s a turn off since you are a stranger and hopefully there will be plenty of time for ogling later when she is your girl.

To get her attention, glance at her to make eye contact, look back again a few times and if she’s looking at you, there is definite attraction. Now walk past casually on your way somewhere and throw her a cheeky smile or wink.

After you have established attraction, if you’d like to start by buying a drink why not buy it and send it over, no one does this anymore and it is very cool. It also lets you know if there is interest before you commit to going over. An idea may be to do some reconnaissance first to find out if the lady is alone (not with a man). Find out from the bartender what she is drinking and watch her reaction when she receives it. If she accepts, make eye contact she will probably thank you and smile. Let her enjoy it a while then you can try going over for a chat.

Smooth conversation may need a little prep. Make a short list of topics, quirky info, small jokes and an introductory question with two set multiple choice answers. Why so specific you ask? Well if you ask her yes or no questions she may just give you a yes or a no…awkward silence, not smooth. The multiple choice question should preferably be funny or random e.g. “can you help me with something? I was debating with my friend (aka Mr Wingman), if you could have a super power would it be x-ray vision or flying?” When she gives you an answer disagree with any answer she gives. This will no doubt lead to a good-natured debate and voilà! You have instant conversation.

Make good eye contact not creepy eye contact while chatting. This is imperative as too little says I am not that in to you or I’m uncomfortable, too much might make you look like a serial killer or sleazy groper. Listen, don’t interrupt or dominate conversation and veer away from controversial subjects. Also avoid “ex” talk. This subject is best left for when you know each other a little better. People will make conjectures about what you tell them and form opinions about you whether they have all the information or not. Believe me it will not go down well if you state that you have cheated, if you bad mouth or overly praise an ex, if you haven’t had a steady relationship for years or at all or if you just broke up with someone. If she brings these subjects up, keep your answers light and unspecific and veer towards another line of conversation. There will be plenty of time later to find out details when you are both less judgmental. First impressions make or break.

If all went well, ask for her number or give her yours, this gives her a less confronting option. In today’s texting age it will be easy to ask her out or say hi that week some time or for her to do the same. Texting is ok but a phone call is much more exciting and confident. Please call, it’s so rude for guys to take a woman’s number and not call, it feels like rejection and a waste of time, if a woman gives you her number, it means she likes you.

Do you have any Smooth, successful tips, or moves that have worked? please share them, leave a comment.

Photo by Michael Nielsen CC BY-ND 2.0

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