They’re just “effing” Flowers!

Very rarely do I wake up at 1am out of a deep sleep with an idea for a post. This must mean that its important!. If I leave this life and could impart one piece of advice to men for women “give her  flowers”. I suspect im needing some flowers in my life right now.

If you are wondering what you have done to upset your lady and you need to do something, flowers.

If you don’t know what to do to get yourself out of the shit hole you’ve dug yourself into, flowers.

If you want to express a feeling, love, passion, “thanks”,” you’re sweet”, “you’re beautiful” anything, flowers.

If you want her to really appreciate you, remember you, think of you, call you, flowers.

If you’re walking to the convenience store to get some milk, pick flowers.

if you want to apologise, flowers.

If you were just thinking of her and how amazing she is, flowers.

Ok are you sick of it yet? I really can’t be clearer. Flowers will make any and I mean any woman feel favourably towards a man. They make any situation infinitely more romantic, special and memorable. Women talk about this all the time, we talk about who gave us flowers, who got flowers when, why, how, there are bragging rights to be had.  we also talk about who never gives us flowers and we wonder why (these aren’t thoughts you want swirling around in your girl’s head) when a girlfriend of ours gets flowers, and we don’t you are a bit poo. I know its illogical but that’s how women think.

But they’re just effing flowers you say? No guys they are not. They are a symbol. If there is a single expression of love a man can give to a woman  that exists, it is these beautiful delicate living things. When we are gifted with flowers we interpret this as: you think we are beautiful like the flowers, that we are worth the flowers. I really don’t have a scientific explanation for why women love flowers so much, all I can tell you is that we do. I never met a flower I didn’t like.

What does it cost you?  you could spend a lot of money or you could get them free, there is no excuse for not doing it and not doing it often. When does something free get you what flowers will get you?. Look around guys, are there or are there not free flowers around you everywhere you look? your gardens, your neighbourhood gardens, bushes on the street in your suburb, your nearest park. Now I’m not telling you to raid those places on a daily basis for bunches of flowers, I’m just saying that it’s so easy to go and pick just one, one measly little effing flower and take it home to your significant other. For any reason or for no reason (which is the best reason) , what is for sure is that you will always get a great reaction whether it’s a smile you haven’t seen in a while, a curious look, a warm hug or even sex, it’s all brownie points for you my friend. Do it, do it now, do it often, watch what happens because I know the power of flowers.

Have you given flowers lately? I’d love to hear about the reaction you got.

Photo by Kristina Alexanderson “A Surprise Gift” CC BY 2.0

6 thoughts on “They’re just “effing” Flowers!”

  1. I get my wife flowers all the time on random occasions. I find that doing this when it’s not expected really makes her appreciate the gift. Many times just when I’m on the way home from work I’ll just think “hey I’ll just bring home flowers”. I enjoy the giving.

    On the other hand I try to avoid having flowers associated with apologies “I’m sorry” or anything so I won’t get the reaction “What did you do this time” when I come home with flowers.

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    1. Your wife is a lucky woman and I’m sure she appreciates the flowers more than you know (or maybe you do know lol!) as for trying to not give flowers as an apology, that is sound advice especially if a man is the type that messes up regularly, you are spot on, why should such a beautiful gesture be sullied by an awful reason? thanks for sharing Ian.


  2. I love that you touched on the power of flowers. This brings a funny story to mind. A friend of mine got married 12 years ago. The minute her then fiancé put the ring on her finger, he presented her with an expensive wrist watch and told her that he would never give her flowers. Ever. At the time I thought he was just being funny and entertaining the wedding guests but 12 years later and true to his word, he has NEVER given her a flower or a bunch of flowers. EVER.
    Which brings me to me. I always maintained that I never liked getting flowers, they do nothing for me but on the odd occasion that I do get flowers, I have to admit, they always put a smile to my face. I fuss over them, take pictures, refresh water daily, talk to them and on and on. And when they do finally wither away, I actually grieve their loss. I also never forget anyone who has given me flowers. So yes, you’re right, flowers are magic. Give and give generously.


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