7 tips to appear Confident around Women

Confidence is a trait that women find attractive in men and quite often it’s the confident alpha male who will succeed in getting the girl. Believe me guys, not everyone is as confident as they look, but there are ways to look more confident than you feel.

Here are a 7 tips for appearing confident around women:

Posture is important. Studies show that the best stance is to stand up straight with your shoulders back, legs slightly apart and put your hands behind your back or in your pockets with thumbs out. I would suggest you tone the latter down a little unless you fancy looking like a cowboy. The idea is to stand straight with both feet planted firmly, put hands in a relaxed place, pockets are good and no slouching! This stance makes you look bigger, powerful, confident and open.

Own your space. The more space you take up whether it be broad hand movements while you are talking or spread arms on a couch while sitting, the more comfortable you will look in your surroundings even if you don’t feel it.

Eye contact is a very important part of being confident. Look into a woman’s eyes and down to her mouth in a triangle to acknowledge that you are focused on her when talking, staring in one place too long is unnatural and will make her uncomfortable.

Know when to speak and when to listen. A confident man knows that while being heard is important, listening is also. He will pause and allow a woman to contribute to the conversation rather than interrupt and dominate it.

Voice pitch. Alpha males have lower voices and use lower tones to convey authority and confidence. Speak calmly and slowly. I can confirm from a woman’s point of view that a lower voice is sexier.

Whispering something to a woman is sexy and it increases intimacy, it may be a compliment or a suggestion, just make sure its appropriate for the moment.

Taking charge. An alpha male will always act confident, calm and protective of a woman in an emergency, dangerous or stressful situation. He will be looking for solutions not ways to add to a problem.

Smile and enjoy yourself. Confident people always look like they are having fun and remember that there is a difference between confidence and cockiness which is actually a manifestation of insecurity… oh snap! An over-confident remark made for a laugh is sexy but rudeness and constantly talking about yourself or talking yourself up is actually called “douchebaginess”… not cute and while this may impress some inexperienced girls, us real women know that the show gets old, real men don’t have to talk about how good they are, they just show it.

Have any of these worked for you? please feel free to comment or add tips of your own in the comments section.

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