14 Great Date Ideas

Making a good impression on a first date or making it memorable is a difficult task. It’s tempting for a guy ,since you’re all practical minded, to be simple, safe and book a restaurant or go out for a coffee. Nothing wrong with that, safe is good but “stand-out” is better! Be original and take her somewhere unexpected.

  1. Book tickets for a theatre performance. Most people haven’t been to one or don’t go often and there are hundreds of things going on in any city for any budget, it doesn’t have to be opera or ballet.
  2. Go for a scenic walk somewhere. Most cities have beaches, parks, gardens etc…. stop and have lunch. Extra brownie points if you bring a picnic. It’s not actually difficult to be a little “fancy by the way, go to a deli and ask them for some nice finger food for two such as olives, cheese and cold meats this could be accompanied by a crunchy bread and some wine or even champagne. Finish with some non messy fruit such as strawberries or grapes.
  3. Book a private salsa class. This is a win, win situation if you are confident enough but if you aren’t it will be just a  fun, funny and silly way to break the ice and most women have this on their bucket list anyway. The great news is that now you can find a Latin club and go practice your sexy new moves together. Some Latin venues hold classes before the club opens on certain nights.
  4. Take her to a fun park This will be fun, if she’s not up for the scary rides then stick to the Dodgems, Ferris wheel and games. Some fun parks have a nice restaurant within where you can have lunch.
  5. Go to Chinatown for an injection of culture. She will love browsing the unique shops and Chinese food is cheap and universally loved.
  6. Wildlife parks are a great way to spend a day, start out early and stop for a roadside brekkie somewhere. Most are not usually around the corner so make a road trip out of it. Show me a  woman who doesn’t love furry, cuddly, cute creatures.
  7. Find a comedy theatre and watch a show. If you aren’t the funniest guy in the world this date is perfect because it shows you do have a sense of humor and sharing a laugh will create a bonding experience, anyway most people look their best while smiling or laughing ,unless you laugh like a hyena.
  8. A wine tasting tour is a most excellent date and pretty smooth and romantic. It may be an idea to organise some sort of alternative mode of transport since you will be drinking in fact, why not make a weekend of it, If you’re at that stage?
  9. Take a cooking class. This is a step up to “just dinner” at a restaurant. Sharing a meal you both made from scratch will be fun. This is great for shy guys as it will take the focus off you for intervals and the activity itself will promote conversation.
  10. Take her to a retro or themed nightclub where you can both bust a move, it’s different . If this doesn’t appeal, take her to a classy bar in the city.
  11. Get a couples pedicure. I know a few guys who would feel funny about this but I’ve seen quite a few getting pedicures at my nail salon plus she will love the pampering. Any shopping centre will have a nail salon. This perhaps is not for a first date or for people who don’t like feet, that would be me, but it will rate highly as maybe a fourth or fifth when you are both more comfortable.
  12. Take her ice/roller-skating. This date can be short (good for a first date) or long and major fun.
  13. Get a couples massage. This is pricey at a spa, If you can afford it, great but if you are on a budget there are Asian massage salons at your nearest shopping centre or locally in your area. Check those out first, you don’t want to end up somewhere sleazy or bad-looking. This is a great date when intimacy has been introduced in the relationship. It has the potential to be a great prelude to a sexy night.
  14. Go to the art museum or any museum. Lots to see, lots to talk about. They usually have coffee shops inside where you can sit down and talk about all the cool stuff you’ve just seen.

A few tips for dates are:

  • women don’t like to feel under dressed, over dressed or uncomfortable so giving her a heads up so she can dress adequately is the gentlemanly thing to do and it will make the experience better for her.
  •  Make dates short initially that way if you aren’t a match, you don’t have to spend the day together. If you hit it off, extend it.                  
  • Give her notice about time and let her know if you are going to make a whole day of it 
  • Make sure to find out about and take into account her interests and personality. She may not be up for extreme sports, scared of heights or allergic to sea food.
  • My last tip is to take photos. If you have lots of fun which on most of these dates you will, it will be nice to check out your photos together later, perhaps another date idea, I’m on a roll here! A framed photo of good times and a fun date makes a sweet thoughtful gift. Also, and Im being a little evil here, she will be seeing you in the photo every time she looks at  it and this will keep her thinking of you when you aren’t around(mwahahahaaaaa!)

Before I finish, some of you more “perceptive” boys will have noticed that a few of these dates feature heavily in chick flicks…”Funny that”

Have you taken a girl somewhere great? tell me about it, leave a comment.

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