6 Things that Turn women on

Men are visual creatures and can be turned on quite easily. Women take a little work and our attraction is somewhat connected to our emotions. It’s like sex, guys are pretty easy to arouse but women need foreplay but there is a kind of seduction that starts way before we are even thinking of having sex but that preps us to be in the mood as opposed to not. Even we may not realise the subtle things that turn us on.

1. Make her feel beautiful. A woman will feel sexy if she feels beautiful it’s that simple. Men can forget to compliment and this is to your detriment, a woman knows you are attracted to her but she likes to hear it. This can be a great boost to her self-esteem and you will be the recipient of the sexiness that follows. Let a woman know that you like looking at her and rather than giving her a  compliment on her on her beautiful dress, tell her that she makes the dress look incredible. She is the focus.

2. Be romantic and a gentleman. Prep the mood by doing something together that is romantic or special. No need to wait for an occasion, in fact no reason at all is even better! The devil is in the detail here, the larger the effort the better the return. Let me stress that expensive is not always better you can get a huge reaction just by remembering something small she mentioned she wanted to do a month ago.

3. Be helpful and considerate. Help her complete a task or chore she’s been meaning to get around to. She will appreciate the help and motivation you give. If she’s had a hard day or week give her a massage, run her a bath and light some candles then let her have some alone time. This will take some stress off her and make her more relaxed and open to feeling sexy.

4. Express your feelings. It’s amazing to me how attractive my partner is when he is vulnerable and shares an intimate thought. Sometimes men seem closed and hard to relate to. Sharing feelings increases intimacy for woman. Just think of the way women communicate with each to form strong emotional bonds. When this happens with our partners, physical closeness follows.

5. Kiss her more and be amazing at it. Begin with light sensual kisses, start somewhere interesting say the neck area or her shoulder then kiss her lips as if you were eating a soft juicy peach, minus the juices. This type of kiss can really send some major electrical impulses to the right areas, it shows that you really want to enjoy her and take your time. This kiss can relay passion and tenderness and she will feel it. For some reason kissing gets forgotten and lost in routine fast. Bring it back!

Did you know that kissing elevates heart rate, increases levels of oxytocin, dopamine adrenalin serotonin and endorphins? These are chemicals and hormones that increase feelings of euphoria, attachment, well being, reduce stress and elevate mood.

6. Find out what she likes in bed You will be the best lover she’s ever had by asking her if she likes what you are doing, where she likes to be touched and how. listen to her she will let you know audibly if she’s enjoying it. Silence means she’s having to concentrate so try something else, if she moves toward you more enthusiastically, she is loving it, if she flinches or moves away a little, stop or go softer.

Watch her masturbate (if she’s comfortable with that), you will see how she pleasures herself while enjoying the view.

Share your fantasies and ask her if she has any when you aren’t being intimate, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you hear and enjoy the spicy conversation at the same time.

Do you have any tips that really turn a woman on? tell me about them, leave a comment.

3 thoughts on “6 Things that Turn women on”

  1. cool tips miss

    but this is for couples who stays together

    any tip for long distance couples
    my gf is in another country
    what I can do in text to turn her on
    these days she is little busy and I am missing the naughty talks.


    1. I have a long distance relationship 1/2 the month when my partner works for a fortnight in another state. We make sure to talk every day even if it’s 5 or 10 minutes, so I would recommend regular contact, Skype if you can because that way you can see each other and it’s much more intimate. Also you could try sending her some chocolates or flowers via an international business, I’m sure she would be very pleasantly suprised. Make sure you send her a sexy text ( ask her what she is wearing) or just a msg that you are thinking of her a few times a week.


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