10 Signs She’s In to You

So you’re really attracted to a woman but you don’t know if it’s mutual? I know it’s hard to tell whether you should approach or pursue but there are some clear signals she will send that can let you know that she’s in to you.

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How to be a Smooth Operator

There is a reason James Bond is so sexy, he isn’t sleazy, just cool. Every woman has their favorite 007, yes we do discuss it, mine is Pierce Brosnan for obvious reasons.

The goal here is for you to meet women successfully and look good doing it. You just need to prepare a little, nothing wrong with a plan and trust me, some guys need one. Preparation can give you confidence which is majorly attractive.

Here are my tips

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They’re just “effing” Flowers!

Very rarely do I wake up at 1am out of a deep sleep with an idea for a post. This must mean that its important!. If I leave this life and could impart one piece of advice to men for women “give her  flowers”. I suspect im needing some flowers in my life right now.

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7 tips to appear Confident around Women

Confidence is a trait that women find attractive in men and quite often it’s the confident alpha male who will succeed in getting the girl. Believe me guys, not everyone is as confident as they look, but there are ways to look more confident than you feel.

Here are a 7 tips for appearing confident around women:

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14 Great Date Ideas

Making a good impression on a first date or making it memorable is a difficult task. It’s tempting for a guy ,since you’re all practical minded, to be simple, safe and book a restaurant or go out for a coffee. Nothing wrong with that, safe is good but “stand-out” is better! Be original and take her somewhere unexpected.

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6 Things that Turn women on

Men are visual creatures and can be turned on quite easily. Women take a little work and our attraction is somewhat connected to our emotions. It’s like sex, guys are pretty easy to arouse but women need foreplay but there is a kind of seduction that starts way before we are even thinking of having sex but that preps us to be in the mood as opposed to not. Even we may not realise the subtle things that turn us on.

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