Chivalry is the Difference

Chivalry will get you everywhere. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t know the first woman who doesn’t like being treated in a special way. Here are a few things that you can do to impress the fairer sex. You will have seen most of these somewhere but you can’t really improve on classics.

Open doors (Please don’t run this will look unnatural and you may fall, picture that?). Just walk a little ahead and reach out for the handle before she does this way she can anticipate your actions. If it’s a car door, walk with her, don’t unlock until you have your hand on her door handle and open. My partner opens doors for me most of the time and I have to say it never fails to produce a little bolt of attraction.

Push her chair in A classic on a dinner date. This is a sweet action that shows a woman you think she is special. It will set a romantic tone for the evening.

Stand when a woman leaves the table It’s customary for a gentleman to stand when a woman leaves or arrives at the table. Play this one by ear, it’s very old school so if she smiles then she loved it, if she looks a little perplexed, drop it.

Give her your jacket when she’s cold  Women are usually the vainer sex and sometimes we sacrifice comfort for beauty. When we weigh up being a little cold with our outfit not looking great what do you think? Yes the offending article stays home. Sorry guys but the upside is that your sacrifice won’t be forgotten and you will never be more attractive, a little cold but definitely attractive.

Carry the shopping/heavy bags is in the same vein as giving up your jacket and gets the same appreciation this is a good one if you are already in a relationship.

Walk on the curb side of the footpath if anyone’s going to get run over or splashed it’s you not her. Major chivalry points here due to the life/death risk factor.

Always offer your arm or hold her hand  This shows a woman the you are proud to be with her. Both are affectionate intimate gestures. It has the added benefit of introducing touch and cutting awkwardness fast and who doesn’t want that? – Bold but “winning”.

Yes, yes, yes pay for dinner The man pays for dinner sorry that’s just how it is if you want to make an impression guys! unless you come across a woman who makes a point of paying her own way and she will let you know. If the bill comes and she offers to pay half, decline her offer and pay the bill but if she really insists, back down. This moment will let you know what her stance is on the issue. Most women will allow you to pay, it is the standard romantic, gentlemanly gesture. Once you are in a relationship this may change.

Be observant with a mind on romance. Its little things that tug at our heart-strings. Listen when she talks about things she loves or her hobbies, you may need this data in the future. What you remember may offer ideas when you are thinking about doing something special. I once dated a guy who I mentioned to on an earlier date that I love fantasy fiction books, he gifted me with a book featuring short stories from famous authors in the genre. While he didn’t end up being “the one”, I thought it was a really sweet and thoughtful thing to do, he is fondly remembered and I was flattered he had remembered my interests.

Picking her up from her doorstep and arriving with flowers or chocolates is a seriously forgotten gentlemanly gesture. Everything these days has turned into texting and meeting somewhere which requires no effort. This is one separates the men from the boys and she will feel flattered and special.

Women love romance and thoughtfulness. Chivalry is admirable, sexy and masculine, it make us feel special which makes you special to us. Any woman who has this type of man will know his value. If years down the track he still makes an effort,  he’s called a “keeper”.

Have you tried Chivalry, how did work for you?

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