5 Tips to Attract Women

Just as you have to look and act the part for a job interview, I would suggest to try the same for interaction with women. If you want to succeed in your career you make an effort so why wouldn’t you put your best foot forward for the ladies?

Here are 5 tips:

  1. Personal grooming and hygiene shower regularly and pay special attention to nails (that definitely includes toenails!), teeth, body odour i.e. keep teeth healthy, use deodorant and change socks and underwear every day). Smell nice, women love that, cologne on a man is irresistible. If you find it too much, at least smell clean.
  2. Clothing make sure your clothes are clean and shirts are ironed. If you aren’t so handy with an iron (don’t worry I’m not either)  you will want to make sure you grab a corner of the shirt and scrunch it up in your hand. If it creases up and stays that way, avoid! If it creases mildly or straightens out after a few seconds, buy it. In regards to personal style, if you have one great! Just make sure its age appropriate and suits you e.g. Full hipster at 30, not so cute. It says “I’m still a boy in my own mind”. If you don’t have a clue, enlist the help of a woman close to you in age. Don’t ask mum, she may be fab and stylish in your eyes but you are style deficient what would you know? Perhaps it’s time for a make-over if you are still styling your hair the same way you did in primary school. Women generally take pride in their appearance and will appreciate man who does too. We are living in the age of the metro sexual, looking smart and the occasional dab of concealer on a pimple is not objectionable.
  3. Confidence Now you look and feel good but body language is important. Good Posture makes you look confident, stand up straight shoulders back. Don’t cross your arms, this makes you look guarded. Scan the room regularly and make eye-contact with women you like, smile, relax and have a good time.
  4. Be Prepared. Usually greet, compliment and question will get you in e.g.” Hi I’m (insert your name) you look beautiful tonight, would you like to dance/a drink, are you enjoying the venue/having a good time?” If the conversation takes off have a few questions or topics ready for when you get stuck. Also have a polite exit excuse just in case you are not feeling it such as “nice meeting you I better get back to my friend, have a nice night” This may seem somewhat premeditated but there’s nothing wrong with being prepared and we aren’t all born with the gift of easy conversation.
  5. Follow through. If you managed to get her number, call! If a woman gives you her number it means she is interested and will take up an offer for a date. If you went to an interview would you just sit there all week and wait? No, the successful applicant would probably make a follow-up call. Persistence can pay off!

I’d love to hear what you think? leave a comment.

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